St George's Gardens, Manchester

Salt Town Contractors were hired to carry out essential remedial works on the roof at DeTrafford’s St George’s Gardens, a community of modern apartment developments in the heart of Manchester. 

Client & Delivery 

DeTrafford, the renowned Wilmslow-based property developer committed to sustainable living and innovative construction, contracted Salt Town to perform remedial works on the roof at St George’s Gardens in Manchester. 

Solutions & Delivery 

Roofing Solutions
The client reported waterproofing issues with the roof; water had begun infiltrating the property, causing damp and mould issues. Following a rigorous roof assessment, we found that remedial works were required to restore the building.

After removing all loose debris and moisture from the roof, we proceeded to install a single-ply membrane with ancillaries. Single-ply is a highly durable, flexible membrane that is resistant to all weather conditions and temperatures and can last up to 50 years. The single-ply membrane installation ensures water is moved off the roof and prevents future water ingress. 

The effectiveness and longevity of this smart roofing solution reduce future costs for the client; clients can trust the new roofing system will protect the building from experiencing future damage. 

Results & Future Value

Upon completion, the client was left assured that the single-ply membrane was installed to a high standard, complying with all rigorous safety measures and ensuring all works were performed adhering to mandatory PPE requirements. 

With the installation of the new single-ply roofing system, the roof was left free from any water ingress issues. After completing the project, we ensured any waste was removed and disposed of in on-site skips, leaving the site clean and presentable. 

The client was safe knowing that Salt Town Contractors had effectively executed the necessary remedial works, and the likelihood of future roofing issues was significantly reduced.




28 July 2022


Remedial works


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