St Andrew's Stadium, Birmingham City FC

Birmingham City FC, a football club with a rich history spanning 146 years, has recently joined the ranks of clubs like Wrexham and Bournemouth, who have welcomed renowned personalities into their fold. Following in the footsteps of Wrexham with Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney and Bournemouth with Michael B Jordan, Birmingham City FC proudly announces the NFL legend Tom Brady as its new owner.

Client & Requirements 

The club embarked on a transformative journey in light of this significant change in ownership and the subsequent investment. The external façade of St Andrews underwent a significant facelift, enhancing its aesthetics and solidifying its position as a modern footballing arena.

Our team was entrusted with bringing this vision to life on behalf of Magna Contractors and in collaboration with Pegasus Mechanical Installations.

Solution & Delivery

Removal of Old Signage

The first step in this transformation was the removal of the old signage from the front entrance elevation on the KOP Main Stand. This was crucial to pave the way for the new installations and to ensure a seamless integration of the new features.

Sub Structure Investigation

Our team conducted a thorough investigation to locate the substructure. This was essential to ensure the stability and safety of the subsequent installations.

Steel Unistrut Framework Installation

Once the substructure was identified, we installed the new steel Unistrut framework. This framework was securely fastened through the existing façade cladding, providing a robust foundation for the upcoming features.

Video Screen Installation

The crowning jewel of this transformation was the installation of the new 7m x 3m video screens. These screens, provided by, serve as a testament to the club’s commitment to offering fans a state-of-the-art viewing experience.

Results & Future

The revamped St Andrews Stadium is now a beacon of modernity and progress. With the new video screens in place and the external façade transformed, fans can look forward to an enhanced matchday experience. The collaboration with Magna Contractors and Pegasus Mechanical Installations has elevated the stadium’s aesthetics and set a new standard for footballing arenas across the country. With Tom Brady at the helm, the future looks bright for Birmingham City FC.


St Andrew’s Stadium, Birmingham City FC


28 July 2022




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