Space Station, Stirchley

Space Station, a state-of-the-art Self Storage Facility, marked its grand opening in June 2023. This newly built facility is a testament to modern storage solutions, offering clients a secure and efficient space for their storage needs.

Client & Requirements 

Our team was entrusted with a crucial task on behalf of Magna Contractors. Our mission was to supply and install the GRP weatherproofing of Upstands on the composite roof sheet. This installation was pivotal in facilitating the fitting of Automatic opening vents, enhancing the facility’s ventilation and safety features.

Solution & Delivery

Weatherproofing Solutions

We employed the Liquid Roofing Solutions Rapid Roof GRP reinforced PMMa waterproofing system to ensure the highest weatherproofing standards. This system is renowned for its durability, resilience, and adaptability, making it an ideal choice for the project.


Galv Soaker Upstands

Our team meticulously installed the waterproofing system to the Galv Soaker Upstands. These upstands, made of galvanised material, are designed to offer longevity and robustness, ensuring that the Automatic opening vents can operate seamlessly without any hindrance from weather elements.

Results & Future

With the completion of the project, the Space Station Self Storage Facility now boasts a top-tier weatherproofing system.

Integrating the Rapid Roof GRP reinforced PMMa waterproofing system ensures that the facility remains protected from external weather elements, guaranteeing the structure’s longevity. Furthermore, the Automatic opening vents, facilitated by our installation, provide the facility with optimal ventilation, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for both the stored items and the staff.

The collaboration with Magna Contractors has paved the way for a facility that is not only functional but also stands as a benchmark in self-storage solutions.


Space Station, Stirchley


28 July 2022




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