Rolls Royce, Oak Terrace

Rolls Royce, situated at Oak Terrace, Barnoldswick, faced a significant challenge. Under the supervision of Andy Meakin from Best Services, the flue post-restraint bars were anchored through the metal roof sheet. However, these posts needed to be fitted optimally, leading to excessive movement. This movement resulted in premature weathering deterioration around the posts. Despite numerous attempts by the end user to rectify the situation, the issue persisted.


Client & Requirements 

In partnership with Andy Meakin from Best Services, our team was tasked with addressing the challenges faced by Rolls Royce at Oak Terrace. The primary concern was the significant water ingress around the posts due to the deteriorated weathering caused by the excessive movement.


Solution & Delivery

Roofing Solutions

Upon initial assessment, our climb team surveyed the site to understand the depth of the problem. Multiple solutions were discussed with the end user and our client, ranging from re-weathering to complete removal and replacement.

The chosen solution was to opt for a post and cable system that wouldn’t penetrate the roof cavity, unlike the previous posts. This decision was made to prevent any future ingress issues.


Roof Sheet Replacement

To ensure a seamless finish, the best matching roof sheet was procured and installed. Due to a minor variance of 5mm in profile dimensions, we decided to install a new set of Trapezoidal roof sheets in Olive Green, spanning from eaves to ridge x 2, in the areas where the posts had been removed.


Anchor Posts & Steel Cabling

After the removal of the problematic posts and the installation of the new roofing sheets, we utilised four Anchor Posts and steel cabling. These were strategically placed to anchor the tops of the emission flues and secure them to the metal roof, ensuring stability and longevity.


Results & Future

With the project’s completion, Rolls Royce at Oak Terrace can now be confident in the durability and safety of their roofing system. The new Trapezoidal roof sheets provide an aesthetic finish and ensure the structure’s longevity. The innovative use of Anchor Posts and steel cabling offers a robust solution, ensuring that the emission flues remain securely in place, preventing any future complications.


Rolls Royce, Oak Terrace


28 July 2022




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