John Lewis, Downing Street, Cambridgeshire

An internal leak to a John Lewis store in Cambridgeshire was posing a threat to the store’s operations; Salt Town Contractors performed a thorough review of the site and repairs to the store’s roof system.

Client & Delivery 

In November 2020,  John Lewis Cambridgeshire required urgent assistance due to a suspected internal leak. Through Logistica FM, we performed a thorough survey report of the site. We returned later in the month to execute repairs on the site’s roof to prevent future leaks.

Our contractors detected issues, made appropriate recommendations and performed the repairs to ensure the safety of site users.



Upon observation, an internal leakage was detected. With assistance from the CBRE Engineer onsite, we suggested that the service ducting and loose faux zinc standing seam sheet were the leading cause of the issue.

Findings illustrated that the building’s roofing system was insufficient to prevent leaks, as the hot-melt aspect of the system terminated below the minimum of 150mm. Furthermore, the standing seam sheet had previously been replaced incorrectly with the incorrect materials. Small sections of this sheet were also worn and lifted, posing a health and safety risk.

We informed the client of the appropriate next steps they should take to ensure health and safety regulations and maintain the site’s safety for the business.

We demonstrated a breadth of knowledge on remedial works and provided a cost-effective solution to prevent another incident from occurring. Following our advice, we were contracted to complete the following repairs:

  • The removal of ballast/flags and pads on the inverted hot melt roof and the re-waterproofing of the upstands and cowl cover returning onto the roof field.
  • The reinstatement of flags and ballast and flashing installed to standing.
  • Repair of the loose seam sheet.

The site is now secure, with all the relevant areas addressed. As a result, the likelihood of future leaks is significantly reduced, and the roofing system now meets the appropriate standards.


Logistica FM


28 July 2022




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