Space Station, Stirchley

Space Station, Stirchley Space Station, a state-of-the-art Self Storage Facility, marked its grand opening in June 2023. This newly built facility is a testament to modern storage solutions, offering clients a secure and efficient space for their storage needs. Client & Requirements  Our team was entrusted with a crucial task on behalf of Magna Contractors. […]

St Andrews Stadium,

St Andrew’s Stadium, Birmingham City FC Birmingham City FC, a football club with a rich history spanning 146 years, has recently joined the ranks of clubs like Wrexham and Bournemouth, who have welcomed renowned personalities into their fold. Following in the footsteps of Wrexham with Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney and Bournemouth with Michael B […]

Rolls Royce, Oak Terrace

Rolls Royce, Oak Terrace Rolls Royce, situated at Oak Terrace, Barnoldswick, faced a significant challenge. Under the supervision of Andy Meakin from Best Services, the flue post-restraint bars were anchored through the metal roof sheet. However, these posts needed to be fitted optimally, leading to excessive movement. This movement resulted in premature weathering deterioration around […]

SBUK Darlington

SBUK, Darlington In the ever-evolving landscape of retail and dining, Starbucks stands as a beacon of modernity. This project saw the construction of a new Starbucks Drive Thru, marking our 5th collaboration with the coffee giant and our 4th modular Starbucks build with the industry’s leading modular builder, Premier Modular.   Client  Our longstanding relationship […]

St George’s Gardens, Manchester

St George’s Gardens, Manchester Salt Town Contractors were hired to carry out essential remedial works on the roof at DeTrafford’s St George’s Gardens, a community of modern apartment developments in the heart of Manchester.  Client & Delivery  DeTrafford, the renowned Wilmslow-based property developer committed to sustainable living and innovative construction, contracted Salt Town to perform […]

John Lewis, Downing Street, Cambridgeshire

John Lewis, Downing Street, Cambridgeshire An internal leak to a John Lewis store in Cambridgeshire was posing a threat to the store’s operations; Salt Town Contractors performed a thorough review of the site and repairs to the store’s roof system.   Client & Delivery  In November 2020,  John Lewis Cambridgeshire required urgent assistance due to […]

The Birchwood Centre

The Birchwood Centre, Skelmersdale The Salt Town team were contracted to help bring The Birchwood Centre, an anti-homeless shelter in Skelmersdale, to life.  Client & Delivery  In collaboration with BTP Architects and Calico Homes, our contractors performed vital works to develop The Birchwood Centre, an anti-homeless and well-being sanctuary for vulnerable people in the Skelmersdale […]

1 Exchange Square, Manchester

1 Exchange Square, Manchester Elite Group contracted Salt Town Contractors to perform maintenance on 1 Exchange Square, a popular high-end shopping centre in Manchester.  Client & Requirements The historical 1 Exchange Square site in Manchester is occupied by high-end designer retailers such as Selfridges & Co and Louis Vuitton. Elite Group contracted Salt Town Contractors […]

John Lewis, Nottingham

John Lewis, Nottingham The Salt Town team were contracted to perform immediate repairs to a John Lewis store in Nottingham experiencing water ingress complications and posed health and safety risks.  Client & Requirements  Having already established a strong relationship with the organisation, the client approached Salt Town Contractors with several repairs that required urgent assistance.  […]

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