1 Exchange Square, Manchester

Elite Group contracted Salt Town Contractors to perform maintenance on 1 Exchange Square, a popular high-end shopping centre in Manchester. 

Client & Requirements

The historical 1 Exchange Square site in Manchester is occupied by high-end designer retailers such as Selfridges & Co and Louis Vuitton. Elite Group contracted Salt Town Contractors to perform a low-level cladding clean of the iconic site’s limestone facade.

Solution & Delivery 

The client had reported signs of wear on the building; urban contamination, general scuffs and graffiti had affected the overall aesthetic appearance of the site. Previous attempts to clean the 1 Exchange Square site were insufficient due to the precarious nature of limestone cladding. 

The difficulty lay within the Jura Limestone panels; using the incorrect cleaning materials can cause the limestone to react. 

We initially carried out a test clean on a small section of the site prior to work being awarded for the client to gain an understanding of the work. The client was satisfied with the test and awarded the full low-level perimeter works.

We carried out a low-level, full perimeter specialist cleaning to effectively remove graffiti, stains, chewing gum etc., from the Jura limestone façade, selecting products that wouldn’t compromise the high-density, class III limestone.

Results & Future 

The Salt Town team effectively and efficiently performed the contracted works, improving the site’s appearance and restoring the limestone’s condition.  

Despite several inadequate attempts to clean the limestone, Salt Town successfully performed the contracted works demonstrating dedication and attention to detail. 


Elite Group


June 2022




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